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Visual Arts

At Windsor High School, the visual arts program is an exciting and strong component of the creative arts. Students develop their own art-making practice and also explore the artistic practice of a wide variety of artists. Our students study a wide range of artistic media and develop a broad range of visual arts skills and techniques in a safe and happy environment which encourages life-long learning.


Students learn to investigate and apply structural elements in their visual arts by exploring a wide variety of subject matter. Students can practise:

·         Drawing

·         Painting

·         Printmaking

·         Graphic design

·         Photography and digital media

·         Sculpture

·         Ceramics

·         Film and video


Students learn how to evaluate and explain the significance of particular artists, artworks, audience responses and representations of the world in their studies.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up".

Pablo Picasso

Windsor High School provides an excellent art facilities with specialist digital imaging, photographic darkroom and ceramics classrooms.

Students are taught by highly qualified and experienced Visual Arts Teachers who have a deep understanding of traditions and contemporary practice. Our creative arts teachers are experienced in their fields and regularly update their skills to remain relevant to contemporary practices in the Visual Arts.
Teaching and Learning is supported by excellent resources. Programs are supplemented with excursions to galleries, museums and public spaces.

Photography and Digital Imaging offers students the opportunity to explore contemporary artistic practices that make use of photography as a source of imagery for the exploration of digital manipulation. It also provides opportunities for students to enjoy image making, and investigating the pervasiveness of images in the contemporary world of the visual arts and the applied fields of television, film, video, the mass media and multimedia.

This course enables students to represent their ideas and interests about the world, to engage in contemporary forms of communication and understand and write about their contemporary world. Photography and Digital Media enables students to investigate new technologies, cultural identity and the evolution of Photography and Digital Media into the 21st Century.

Students will learn to make photographic and digital works using a range of materials and techniques to build a portfolio of work. The units planned have been designed to provide creative and positive experiences through varied subject matter and forms such as

  • Camera Based Works
  • Collage and Montage Works
  • Computer Generated Images
  • Digital Media
  • Interactive Works
  • Installation Works
  • Multimedia Works
  • Non-Camera Based Works
  • Film and Darkroom Photography

student self portrait




Stage 4 and 5

Students explore a variety of visual media as a mandatory requirement in Years 7 & 8 and can extend their interests undertaking an elective course in Years 9 & 10.

Students are able to undertake a tailored course of study with choices from courses including Visual Arts and Photography & Digital Media. These courses include Artmaking in areas including ceramics, sculpture, drawing, collage, painting and printmaking as well as Critical and Historical studies. This enables students to undertake both 100 and 200 hour ROSA courses. This provides a broader course of study than offered by the mandatory course and allows students to specialize in areas that interest them.

student still life photograph



Stage 6

In the senior years students extend their own understandings of Artmaking in both 2 and 3 dimensional artforms and initiate a Body of Work for the HSC. Critical and Historical studies become more interrelated in their focus on the content areas, using a series of Case Studies to develop deep knowledge of issues and theories within the art-world, and culminating in the HSC written examination.


student mixed media artwork



Extra Curricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in art competitions throughout the year, including the Hawkesbury Show. The Art department also runs interest groups on Thursday at lunch.


student mural


Winner 2017 World Polo Championship School Mural Competition.

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