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Cyber Safety

More and more, students are using the internet to connect with others. Facebook in particular and Twitter are becoming more popular with young people. When used well, they are a great way for people to keep in touch!


However, these social networks can also be misused when people use them to intimidate or bully others. Cyber-bullying is against the law! It also is against our school code of conduct!


As parents, it is important that you monitor what your child is doing online. Talk to them about using suitable privacy settings and about good online conduct. You may need to learn a bit about Facebook yourself! With younger children, it is important to limit their hours of use as they need to spend time doing other things, like playing and helping around the house. Older children also need to take part in organised activities such as team sports, dancing, music lessons, helping the family and finishing homework.


Check out the parent information on the DEC site about using social networks safely.

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