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Stage 4 and 5 Courses

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

PDHPE provides students with the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes essential to succeed in and beyond their schooling.

Topics studied include: Self and Relationships, Movement Skill and Performance, Individual and Community Health and Lifelong Physical Activity.


Physical Activity and Sports Studies

Physical Activity and Sports Studies promotes learning about movement and provides students with opportunities to develop their movement skills, analyse movement performance and assist the performance of others.

Topics studied include:

Year 9: Body Systems and Energy for Physical Activity, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Leisure and Recreation.

Year 10: Issues in Physical Activity and Sport, Coaching, Event Management and Fundamental Movement Skills.



Provides students the opportunity to experience, understand, value and enjoy dance as an artform through the interrelated study of the performance, composition and appreciation of dance.

Topics studied include:

Year 9: Classical Ballet, Pop Culture Through the Ages, Tribal/Cultural Dance, Safe Dance Practice.

Year 10: Pioneers of Modern Dance, The moving Body, The Elements of Dance (space, time and dynamics) and Jazz and Musical Theatre.